Registration of companies in poland

Registration of companies in poland

Registration of companies in poland
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Thanks to state support of small and medium-sized businesses Poland has become a world leader in the sphere of improving working conditions of entrepreneurs. The most common form of business activity for foreigners is a Limited Liability Company (Sp.z.o.o.).

Foreigners who are willing to have business in Poland may stay in the country under a visa or do business in Poland while living abroad. Registration of business activity does not require the physical presence of an individual entrepreneur in Poland. After receiving of your power of attorney and copies of documents certified by a notary and their translation into Polish, we will register a company.

Specificity and registration procedure of LLC in POLAND

A company may be set up by one or more private individuals, legal or organizational units that do not have the status of a legal entity and that are legally capable. Company is liable for the obligations with all its property without restrictions. Members of the company are not liable for the obligations of the company; they bear the risk according to the value of contributions made to the company.

The company in Poland in cooperation with highly qualified lawyers and notaries will ensure quick implementation of all necessary procedures. We will help with the choice of activity, competently draw up the Charter, check the uniqueness of the name and so on.


A quick and transparent procedure of business registration in Poland.

A relatively low cost of doing business in Poland.

A free access to the European financial market.

A possibility to live and move freely throughout the European Union.

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